Chasing the elements

Chasing The Elements is a project aimed at sharing their strong bond to nature, and inspire people to feel the same way. They, just like we, believe that people’s relationship to nature is a necessary foundation in the process of implementing solutions to environmental issues. The guys behind Chasing the Elements decided to kick-start this by travelling the Norwegian North coast, starting at the border of the Arctic circle and finishing at North Cape to create material to inspire the world.

Here is an interview with one from the team, talented Jess Bonde, storyteller and photographer.

Tell us about your project?

The idea of a windsurfing holiday to relax and get away from professional competition was where this idea began, however, team leader Adam Holm, is not one for simplicity and small dreams. Soon the idea was sculpted into a full length adventure film project, featuring different professional athletes pushing their limits in their chosen sports. We didn’t want this to be easy though, so we decided we would head to Arctic Norway for one month in the middle of the stormy season, ensuring each team member was beyond their comfort zone.

Imagine deep winding fjords surrounded by sheer jagged cliffs for as far as the eye can see. Think of a landscape that drops your jaw to the floor, electrifies you, and makes you instantly fall in love with the place; this is Arctic Norway.

As our ferry approached The Lofoten Islands the silhouetted mountains got the crew buzzing. The real adventure was about to begin and all the highly anticipated landscapes were about to be revealed. Once we got ashore we had a 20-minute drive on one of the most scenic roads in Norway. Hoots and Holla’s were yelled from everyone as we weaved our way through the towering mountains, over the wide fjords, and around each windy bend. That first evening of excitement seemed to stay for the whole 30 days as each new landscape blew our minds over and over again.

What challenges did you have during the way and in Lofoten?

Whilst we all loved being outdoors and each athlete felt comfortable in their own sport, we were placing ourselves in a very vulnerable situation where everyone would be tested physically and mentally. The group of different strengths and personalities was the first challenge; how could we work together to ensure the group dynamics aided us, make sure we got along, and find a way to continually push and inspire each other? The second challenge was mother nature herself. Camping in arctic Norway with lashing wind, side-ways rain, and no sunshine to dry anything out for days, substantially impacted the group’s morale and comfort levels. Thirdly we were chasing wind, waves, summit peaks and steep windy roads for the athletes to showcase their talents. Each member poured their heart and soul into performing their best, capturing the action, and supporting one another to make this a success, however, it turned out to be a logistical nightmare attempting to capture each athlete when we only had fleeting moments where the weather window suited a certain sport. All in all, the physical demands of extreme adventure each day, combined with the elements mother nature threw at us, was more of a challenge than anyone of us could have imagined.

Why did you guys decided to do this? 

Each of us are lucky that we have found our passions in life, whether it be a certain sport, capturing moments, creating stories, or simply spending time outside. With this passion we had hoped to document our story of us pushing our limits, embracing nature, and living life to the fullest. In doing so, we had also hoped to inspire people to get outside and reach beyond their own comfort zones, responsibly and respectfully enjoy what mother nature has to offer, and maybe even start to develop their own connection to nature. We have a firm belief that if more people are outside enjoying nature, they’re more likely to protect it, and in today’s society we need those voices to help protect our delicate planet and all the amazing natural wonders it has to offer.

What Primus products do you bring with you?

Feeding ten hungry people three times a day was not an easy task, so thankfully we had a Tupike Stove kit where we did the majority of the cooking. We also had three Lite + Gas stoves which were perfect for quick boiling water or eggs. The Lite + stoves also packed up nice and small which was essential considering all of the gear we had.

The Kamoto Openfire Pit was also our best friend on the trip. The ability to light a fire, stay warm, create a social area for the group to debrief the day’s activities, and most importantly not leave a trace was exceptional.

Last but not least we each had a vacuum commuter travel mug, perfect for the large amounts of tea and coffee we consumed to warm our cold and wet bones. 

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